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HP recalls 15,700 notebook batteries

HPWhen I saw this title I thought vau that’s a number! 😀 Well the point is there might be a danger of overheating and fire hazard in there’s batteries.

HP has asked 15,700 customers around the world to send back their HP- or Compaq-branded notebook batteries or risk the potentially faulty power packs overheating and catching fire. The recall comes six months after the company made a similar request for the return of certain laptop batteries.

This time round, the recall affects buyers of HP Pavilion notebooks with model numbers starting ‘DV1’ and ‘ZE2’; Compaq Presarios with model numbers starting ‘V2’ and ‘M2’; and HP Compaq kit with model numbers commencing ‘NX48’.

If anyone would like to know more, please click here.

2 thoughts on “HP recalls 15,700 notebook batteries

  1. Ma to se HP-ju tko vsak let dogaja. Itak ti free zamenjajo baterijo, pa kuker sm slišal dajo ponavadi potem močnejšo… Najbrž da si tiho pol glede tega 😛

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