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Firm offers bounty for open-source tech support

OSOpenLogic, an open-source software and services provider, has launched a program to offer commercial support for more than 150 open-source products, including the Apache Web server, the PostgreSQL database and the Python programming language.

The company already offers first- and second-line support for these products, but it plans to work with the open-source community to get help with more complex issues.

Steven Grandchamp, chief executive of OpenLogic, said on Monday that the initiative will help companies get support for multiple open-source products from one provider.

“We have heard loud and clear from our larger enterprise customers, some of whom are using more than 400 open-source products, that they want one throat to choke for open-source support,” Grandchamp said in a statement.

“OpenLogic’s Expert Community program is being launched to help address this need in a new, creative way. Enterprises get the support they require, and open-source committers and contributors can earn money to support the work they love to do,” he said.

Great! 😉 Now we all write an open source project and hope for commercial support. 😀

Rest of news is here.

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