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Samsung unveiled the world’s slimmest phone

samsungSamsung’s new X820 -Powerful Features and Quality at only 6.9mm.

Samsung unveiled the first in the upcoming series of Samsung’s ultra slim line-ups. The Samsung X820, which will be displayed for the first time at the Sviaz ExpoComm 2006, boasts the world’s thinnest profile of only 6.9 mm. Also on display will be Samsung’s D900, the world’s slimmest slider with the depth of only 13mm.

“Samsung will continue its stride in uniting people together. Ergonomically designed to become one with the user, Samsung’s slim phones deliver the perfect harmony of comfort, simplicity, and sophistication,” said Kitae Lee, president of Samsung’s Telecommunication Network Business. “It is human nature for people to communicate with others. Samsung’s ultra slim phones are dedicated in bringing people together. With its exceptional design and thinness, the X820 will become one with the user, one with others, and one with the world.”

I would like to have one. 😀 But you can lose it very easy. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Samsung unveiled the world’s slimmest phone

  1. Well I think that my phone is simply the best so I don’t need this one:D:P

    Oh, btw Jan, great blog! Keep continue;)

  2. Since when Samsung is a mobile phone? samsung phones looks like shavers 😀 but anyway this cell phn looks nice. Probably 2 expensive for me 😉

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