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Ultra Mobile PC Head-to-Head

samsSamsung’s Q1 and TabletKiosk’s EO–the first systems based on the Microsoft/Intel Ultra Mobile PC specification–prove you can cram an awful lot into a small package. Both devices condense the best features of a tablet into a package that’s less than half the size and weight of a typical laptop.

One of the things that is missing is the $500 to $1000 price that Microsoft and Intel had promised for UMPCs. My 512MB configuration of the shipping Q1 sells for $1099, and the shipping 1GB EO I tested sells for $1164 (TabletKiosk sells an $899 unit with only 256MB of memory). Those prices don’t include an external optical drive, a keyboard, or an extra battery pack–all options many users will consider necessities.

Even at the steep price, I think that people who prefer writing by hand to keying, and anyone who likes using a stylus instead of a mouse, may find the products viable laptop replacements. Of the two systems, I give the edge to the Q1, which has more connectivity options as well as support for portrait view.

Interesting & expensive. But my opinion is that needs some improvements before it would be truely good product. Buy V2 when it comes out. 😛

Rest of news is here.

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