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EU to tax e-mail, text messages?

European Union lawmakers are investigating a proposed tax on e-mails and mobile phone text messages as a way to fund the 25-member bloc in the future.

A European Parliament working group is reviewing the idea, tabled by Alain Lamassoure, a prominent French MEP and member of the center-right European People’s Party, the assembly’s largest group.

Lamassoure, a member of Jacques Chirac’s UMP party, is proposing to add a tax of about 1.5 cents on text or SMS messages and a 0.00001 cent levy on every e-mail sent.

“This is peanuts, but given the billions of transactions every day, this could still raise an immense income,” he said.

Currently the EU budget is funded through a combination of import duties, value added tax revenues and direct contributions from member states–the so-called “Gross National Income resource,” which is calculated according to wealth.

However, following a yearlong battle over the current seven-year budget, agreed on last December, it was decided that the way in which the EU is funded should be changed, with new proposals expected by 2008/2009.

WTF? Tax the e-mails? Are they mad or sth? 😡 They can’t do that! I’ll sign any petion against it! 😉

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