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Najboljše pikre izjave dr. House-a

Redno gledam nanizanko House, kjer se tak presmejim, da to kar ni res. Preberite nekaj izjav. Seveda, tisti, ki ste to gledali boste bolj razumeli. 😛

1. Sezona:

Dr. House:”Mr. Adams, would you step outside for a moment?”
Adams :”Why?”
Dr. House:”Because you irritate me.”
– Poison

House:”That paralysis thing. Guy can’t walk for two years, nobody knows why. It seems mildly interesting.”
Cuddy:”Forget his paralysis.”
House:”Tell that to the rest of his bowling team.”

Foreman:”You assaulted that man!”
House:”Fine. I’ll never do it again.”
Foreman:”Yes you will.”
House:”All the more reason this debate is pointless.”

Chase:”How would you feel if I interfered in your personal life?” House:”I’d hate it. That’s why I cleverly have no personal life.”
– Cursed

Cuddy:”I need you to wear your lab coat.”
House:”I need two days of outrageous sex with someone obscenely younger than you. Like half your age.”
– Control

Bill:”His name’s Joey. He’s my only brother.”
House:”He’s important to you. Got it. No placebos for him. We’ll use the real medicine.”

– Mob Rules

Wilson :”The ultrasound and biopsy confirmed our worry. The tumor’s extremely large. At least thirty pounds.”
House:”It’s actually a personal record for this clinic.”
– Heavy

“Are you comparing me to God? I mean, it’s great, but so you know, I’ve never made a tree.”
– Role Model

Cuddy:”You. In the lobby. Now.”
House:”I hurt my leg. I have a note.”
– Kids

Cuddy:”I’m working. I got hot. Stop acting like a thirteen year old.”
House:”Sorry. It’s just you don’t usually see breasts like that on Deans of Medicine.
– Kids

2. in 3. sezona v prihodnjih dnevih. 😛 Ne morem vam dati vse naenkrat. 😉

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