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Dizajn dneva #12

Perspektivni spletni oblikovalec adii oz. freelancer ima lepo oblikovan blog. Čeprav, če toliko poudarja, da je freelancer bi mogoče premislil o toliko osebnih stvareh na prvi strani.


3 thoughts on “Dizajn dneva #12

  1. Awesome! 🙂 Thanks for featuring me here. Hope you’re saying nice things of my design, since I can’t understand Slovenian… 🙂

  2. @adii: that’s a nice surprise 😀 I didn’t expect your reply here. 😀 that’s a category “Design of the day” and design of your blog is today “Design of the day”.

    If I translate it for you: “Adii is a perspective young designer (freelancer) who has beautifully designed blog. Although he is a freelancer, maybe he mentions too much personal things on the first page.” But is nice anyway, because then people see that you are not some geek, always in front of computer, but you have also a life.

    If you don’t understand sth it’s that because I’m still a little bit sleepy. :mrgreen:

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