Dizajn dneva #27

Rad imam rožce. Pa to ni nič “ženskega”. Zato so mi tudi všeč dizajni kot je Ern’s GamerZone, saj se mi zdi zelo lepo oblikovan. Pravijo, da lahko z malo poveš veliko. Pa še kako prav imajo!

Ern’s GamerZone

  • Wow.. this looks interesting.. I wish I knew what was written 🙂


  • Jan

    @Ernie: Hy! Thank you for replying 😉 Let me translate it for you: “Design of the day #27: I like flowers. And that’s not some “women thing”. That’s why I like designs like Ern’s GamerZone because it’s lovely designed. They said that you can tell a lot with few things. Damn right you can!”

  • Ahh.. thanks! Might I ask how you even found my site? x)

  • Jan

    heh, I saw that you commented on WPDesigner.com and so found your site. 😉

  • Ah.. right.. Cool

    You’re site is cool aswell.. I see we share the feeling towards flowers

  • Jan

    Thank you 🙂 Obviously we do 🙂 I think that flowers give freshness to designs. what do you think?

  • Yes.. It does.. I actually like the whole ‘nature’ theme on sites, since nature itself is so beautiful and fresh and never grows old. You can see I chose the same path for http://www.digitalkreatives.net ^^

    And flowers are a part of nature 🙂